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'See with your eyes and your inner vision

Listen with your ears and your inner listening

Close your mouth, quiet the mind, and allow the answer to come.

Allow your hands to do the work'

~Hawaiian Concepts of Learning


Deep relaxation, tension release, chronic pain reduction, and overall deliciousness. With a background in therapeutic massage, I draw on a variety of modalities to release tension and energy from the body, including: Swedish, Deep Tissue, Hawaiian Lomi Lomi, Body Mobilization Techniques (BMT), and Reiki. My integrated and intuitive style is thorough, connected, and nurturing.

Sessions are tailored to each client's needs. Each massage is deeply relaxing, allowing the nervous system to unwind, decreasing stress hormones, and facilitating deep release within the body. Specific issues and chronic pain are addressed. Alignment techniques bring the body into better alignment on the table, aiding in the body's natural healing process.


I am a graduate of the Maui School of Therapeutic Massage and hold a license in the state of Hawaii and am a Board Certified LMT in Pennsylvania. I am also a level II Usui Reiki practitioner.


I offer the option to incorporate CBD products into your massage therapy session at no additional cost. Full Body CBD oil massage, and/or targeted pain relief with Drummer's Hands CBD Balm. If you would like to purchase these products, I offer a 20% discount on your purchase when you receive a massage.

 photos by Luz Mendoza

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